Best Headphones For Running: Amazon Prime Sale

Wireless earbuds are smaller and cheaper than ever, yet it’s tough to know what kind of sound you can expect from these tiny devices before you buy. To help you make the right choice, our editors tested 40 pairs for at least two weeks of running and cross-training. So, Headphones For Running is best on amazon For sale.

Best Headphones For Running

Beats PowerBeats Pro

Beat’s latest true wireless earbuds, the PowerBeats Pro, are something special – they’re supremely comfortable, sound decent and seem to never, ever fall out, which is why we think they’re the best running headphones of 2020.

Weight: N/A | Battery life: 9 hours | Heart rate monitor?: No | On-ear controls?: Yes


Good sound

Immaculate fit


Case is fairly bulky

Limited noise isolation

Best Headphones For Running
Source: Amazon
Price: 21500/-

Sennheiser CX Sport wireless earphones

If the most important aspect of choosing the best running headphones for you is the audio quality, these wireless earbuds from Sennheiser could be a fantastic choice. 

With a lively, bass-heavy presentation, and a comfortable fit, the Sennheiser CX Sport wireless earphones can really bolster your running performance through sound quality alone. 

Weight: 15g | Battery life: 6 hours | Heart rate monitor?: No | On-ear controls?: No (in-line remote)


Fantastic audio quality

Sports-friendly design


Not the cheapest option

Mids could be richer

Best Headphones For Running
Source: Amazon
Price: 10000/-

Best Headphones For Running in View

AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones

Replacing the AfterShokz Trek Titanium is the newer Air model. These are a touch more expensive, but they’re lighter and we’ve found the sound quality has improved as well.

AfterShokz specializes in making wireless options designed in a way that particularly suits urban runners. Sound is delivered through your cheekbones, thanks to bone-conducting tech which leaves your ears open, free to hear the traffic around you.

Weight: 30g | Battery life: 6 hours | Heart rate monitor?: No | On-ear controls?: Yes


Comfortable and stable fit

Helps situational awareness


Low volume

Short battery life

Source: Amazon
Price: 12999/-

Pebble Twins Deep Bass True Wireless Earbuds

If you’re looking for some rugged running headphones, Pebble Twins Deep Bass True Wireless Earbuds could be a good fit – sure, not everyone wants to wear in-ear headphones while working out, but the breathable design of these Adidas cans means you won’t overheat.

Weight: 209g | Battery life: 40 hours | Heart rate monitor?: No | On-ear controls?: Yes


Rugged design

Great battery life

Simple controls


Design is an acquired taste

Source: Amazon
Price: 2999/-

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