Mi TWS Earphones: Xiaomi Launches Affordable TWS Earphones Ever Made

Xiaomi is the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. Mi TWS Earphones is the best product for them. They make not only high-end flagship devices but also mid-range and low-end devices for everyone to buy. All smartphone manufacturers are trying to create tools that are affordable and powerful. The company claims to produce high-quality products at very fair prices.

Xiaomi also manufactures wireless wearable devices, which are very famous, reliable, and affordable. When it is in the audio department, the company makes Wired Earphones, True Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Earphones, Wireless Headphones, Sound Bar, and Bluetooth Speaker.

Info about Mi TWS Earphones

The Mi TWS headphones are perhaps the cheapest TWS headphones to date. However, if you are between the Realme Buds Q and Mi TWS earphones, it is better to choose Realme Buds. In terms of design, it has a dynamic 14.2mm membrane.

The design is straightforward, and the tip of the headphones resembles Apple headphones. The TWS headphones are compatible with the AAC audio codec, which significantly improves the quality of the audio. According to the company, the device supports noise suppression using additional microphones on the device. The device also supports gestures.

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Exciting Feature

The main attractive feature of the Mi TWS essential headphones is smart ear detection. It is a unique feature where the sound stops automatically when one of the headphones is removed from the ear and returns when the user puts it back on.
As the company claims, the headphones can read 5 hours, in case you get an additional 15 hours of playback. With 20 hours of play, you can quickly expect it to take a day. The most significant advantage of headphones is that they get charged via USB-C.

Many manufacturers still use the old-school micro-USB connector for charging, which is a nice feature of the Mi TWS headphones. When it comes to connectivity, the device comes with Bluetooth 5.0, which helps in faster connectivity. The price of the invention is very affordable as it is just Rs. 3,999 (As of writing this post, click here to check the current price on Amazon).


  • Comfortable, secure Fit 
  • Great battery mileage
  • Decent audio quality 


  • Push buttons on buds are not very handy 
  • No Type-C charging port 
  • Only SBC codec supported

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